How To Go From Shy To Popular In 5 Moves

If you’re shy, even just occasionally, you can forget it.

This book will teach you a set of neat psychological tricks to help you side-step any nerves or anxiety and feel totally at ease in just about any social situation.

You’ll learn five breakthrough strategies to help you get the best out of your mental resources, your conversations, your voice, your body language, and your charisma.

You’ll enjoy knowing how to walk up and talk easily with all kinds of people, how to make the small talk fun and get conversations flowing, and how to get people opening up to you and liking you.

And the strategies are just as effective in business and networking occasions as they are at parties and social events.

What it means is that you can forget about the trembling voice or blank mind that used to come with nerves or hesitation. They’ll be things of the past.

Why this book is so effective

How To Go From Shy To Popular In 5 Moves is not one of those books that waffles on and on about the causes of shyness. Nor does it insult your intelligence by simply telling you to ‘be yourself’, or suggest taking tiny steps while you gradually build your confidence.

It is, first and foremost, a collection of foolproof techniques to help you breeze through any challenging social or business situation.

You’ll quickly learn there’s no need to tackle your shyness head-on when it’s easier to put the target of your focus onto other people - and get them opening up to you.

You’ll learn how easily you can use the resources of your inner mind to let your natural personality loose and come across as a likeable and interesting person.

And you’ll learn conversational techniques to put you at home with people in just about any situation.

There are fun exercises and practise drills to help you embed your new social skills into your ongoing behavioural patterns so they come naturally and automatically in the real world.

And everything is based on real-life experiences from hundreds of social confidence workshops.

More ways to beef up your social savvy

As well as the key social strategies, you’ll learn even more ways to boost your social potential, including:

Even if you’re only occasionally shy and nervous, you’ll find these tools will help boost your popularity potential amongst all kinds of people.

Why you deserve to buy this book

How To Go From Shy To Popular In 5 Moves is straightforward, practical, and you can get it all working for you within days.

Best of all, you’ll discover that getting rid of shyness is the easy part. Making yourself more and more popular is most definitely the FUN part.

What it all means is this – from now on, you can go anywhere and talk to anyone, knowing that you’ll be finding yourself welcomed into larger and larger circles of friends.

And any nervousness or hesitation will definitely be a thing of the past.

Easy mind tricks to help you
blow away shyness and anxiety,
talk freely with all kinds of people,
and win plenty of new friends.

Table of Contents:

How To Go From Shy To Popular In 5 MovesHow To Go From Shy To Popular In 5 Moves

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How To Go From Shy To Popular In 5 Moves

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